Amateur Radio and Electronics



With the bands still in flux I've been working a lot of FT8, just like everyone else. I've gotten back into working on my CW skills. And kit building whenever I find time.

Also started logging on my own site using cloudlog

About Me

I received my Amateur Radio Operators License (General Class) in August 2011 and have been on the air most weekends since. Originally licensed in Iowa, I now live in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis). I work 40m through 10m but you'll most likely find me sitting on 20m or on local repeaters.

In August 2015 I received my Extra Class license.

QSL and Contact Information

I QSL pretty much every way possible. You can send direct or through the bureau. No need to SASE. If you receive a card in the mail and its damaged please email me. I've had some issues with our post office so tell me and I'll send you another. I also upload my logs nightly to LotW, eQSL and

Check out my site or Email Me for mailing information.

LIVE LOGS can be found here


For those looking for club contacts I'm members of the following: